Wyoming Fun Day

In this assignment we were asked to find an event that we were willing to do a video of . For this assignment we were ask to work with a partner, the partner I chose to work with was Robert Herron. Robert and I are very good friends, we have worked together on previous assignment and I believe that we work well together. The event we chose to report about is a yearly event. This event occurs right before the yearly Wyoming Cowboys Brown and Gold Spring Game.

I really enjoyed this assignment, this was an assignment that I could really get in to and show some of my personality traits. The making of this video at times was very difficult, but still very fun. The part that I really enjoyed the most was getting a chance to work with the young kids. It was a very entertaining day for me the children were all very kind and sweet it was a great pleasure  working with them. I did not enjoy the hassle of really being into the kids and showing them attention while recording  that was not an easy task.

One thing that I learned while doing this assignment is, being a camera man is not one of my strong point , I think I will stick to playing football. It was a very big surprise to me when I realize how hard it was to be interactive with the kids and record the video. I wish that I could have been more of a cameraman and made a better video. This experience has really made me realize this is something that interest me and I believe if I worked hard and continuie to work on my craft it could be something that I could learn to really enjoy. Here is the link to our video I really hope you guys enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqMYzmOKS2g





Our assignment was to live-report an event of our choice using a social network, Twitter. The event, I reported on was the weekly manager reception at Laramie Holiday Inn. The manager reception is an event the Holiday Inn host, for the guests to interact with managers of the hotel and locals from the community. The manager reception offers free draft beer, wine, and appetizers provided by the Holiday Inn’s in-house restaurant, Perkins.

At this event there was a lot of mingling and meeting new people that’s one thing I did enjoy, a way to meet tourists in a comfortable setting. Of course, I enjoyed the free appetizers. The fact that, I’m not on social networks nor do I tweet was something I did not enjoy. With no experience with Twitter, it made this project a little more challenging. I learned that social media is the new age news, things like live reporting makes it easier for the younger generation to stay up on news and events. I also learned that social networks are easy to run, does not take a genius to tweet.

Something that surprised me was how common live-reporting was, with this assignment I was able to see how this could fit into any event sports activates, news, and etc. Something I wish I could have done differently?  I wish I could have found an event that interested me more, like a sporting event of some kind. I think with more personal interest in the event that you are reporting on make the report more relatable. The Manager reception was fun, because I like think I’m social person and can fit in pretty much anywhere. I see myself using social media in future career, by being able to live report from different sporting events and tweeting them a play by play of everything that’s going on in the sports world.


For this blog we were asked to work with a partner from our class. I chose to work with a good friend of mine Robert Herron. For the project we had to take  photos and record audio, with this audio and photos we had to make a slide show. The slide show was made with a program called, SoundSlides. The purpose of this was to make the audio and photos coincide with each other. We chose to do my project over the University Wyoming’s Football team, which I am a part of.  We decided to interview two people for the project, one who is considered a fan and another who is apart of the team. The fan we interviewed is Jen Highstreet, she has not missed a game in the past three years. Our next interviewee is none  other than the famous Renaldo Hill. Renaldo is a coach for the football team, and he also played in the NFL for eleven years.

This was a very exciting project, it gave me the opportunity to work with a partner. The experience working with Robert was nothing short of amazing, he is a great guy and has a unique talent of making light in every situation. During our time working on the project together there were a dozen times that I feel were noteworthy events. One event that stuck out in my mind is, when we were at a photo shoot for next years football poster. During the shoot there were three horses and Robert was terribly afraid of the horses and it was extremely funny. We had captured some pictures of the event, but none made the final cut.

Our experience with SoundSlides was very unique,but not very pleasant. Soundslides and us just did not get along, we ran into a great deal of problems. The program was very complex at first, it did not want to let us save our project. The next problem  had been, we could not download the SoundSlides program onto our personal computers, then it would not let us compress our folders in order to save them, therefore we had to jump through hoops to get this project done. If we could change anything? I think me and Robert would agree that we should have been better prepared, the advice I would give myself is to be one with the SoundSlides Program, therefore it would have gave us less trouble. Below we have the link to our project I really hope you guys enjoy.


Edit Audio

In this blog we have an interview that I did with Robert Herron. This is the same interview that I placed in my last blog, the difference between the two is this one is the edited version between the two. What I have done is, I edited my last interview by taking my voice out of the interview. The interview consisting of only Robert Herron speaking about different things in his life, mostly football.

I have a small but very helpful experience with audio editing. Last semester I was very fortunate to have taken a class with Professor Mike Brown which deals directly with audio editing.In his class we were taught how to use audacity, this is what I used to edit my interview.I learned a lot of different things that could become very helpful in the future. The first thing I learned that I would like to shared is, how to conduct a better interview. The next thing I learned was how to listen. I learned that listening is a very important aspect of an interview.

I can honestly say this was a fun blog to do.I was very interested in the fact that I could actually  be the person who is giving the interview. I also had the chance to play with audacity, which I find very fun to play around with. One thing that I think surprised me is how much better the interview sounds once you  take your own voice out of the interview.  I was also surprised with how many problems I had with both the programs. It was quite hard for me to transfer them over. If I could have done things different? I would have been better prepared. Although this was a very fun blog it’s also was very challenging.

Raw audio

In this assignment we were asked to interview someone. For my blog I chose to interview my classmate, good friend, and also my teammate Robert Herron. Doing this interview with Robert was really unique. It was very different from the things we have done in the past in this class. It was also a little difficult transitioning from being the interviewees to being the interviewer. It was a much harder task then I had expected. I really struggled coming up with good interview questions, also trying to sound professional while given the interview.

In the interview you will hear me asking Robert question. These question range between the simple questions such as, ” where are you from?”, to the more complexed questions such as, “what has  living in Wyoming  taught you.” Now that you know what to expect during the interview lets move on to the interview itself.

Giving this interview felt a little weird at times like I stated before, it is very different for me to sit in front of someone and asked the question. I am usually the one getting asked all the question. I have learned a whole lot of things from this blog. The first thing I learned was how to ask good question; that is the key you can not , and will not have a good interview without good question. I also learned that having a good recording device can make your day a lot easier.

I really enjoy asking the questions, it was fun to sit back and listen for a change. I really could not find any thing about this blog I really did not enjoy. If I could change anything about this blog, I would say more time to interview. I believe if we had more time we could really gotten in deeper with the interviewees.

Ambient Noise

In this post were asked to take a recording device and recorder ambient noise. While doing so I realize that this assignment might really end up being fun. I was asked to recorded at least twelve sound and place my best six on my blog.Here you all go, here is my six best ambient noise.

The First ambient noise is one of my friends eating a cup of ice. I notice while listening to the recording, it is really a lot louder than when he was actually eating the ice.

Next we have the sound of clippers.This sound was created by myself. I was trimming up the small bread I have, when I realize this the sound would be great for this blog.

Now moving on to what says it is eating ice but is incorrect, I do apologize I do not know how to change it. This is the sound of the wind, when driving in a vehicle. This is my outside ambient noise.

What we have here is the sound of my bath water running. This was the best bath I have ever taken before. My body had been sore and the bath really relaxed me that day. This is my inside ambient noise.

The next sound is actually a sound that I created by typing on the computer. I really needed an office sound and I was a little lost on how to get it. Then I started typing this blog and realized I could use the sound of the keyboard.

Now on to my last sound. This is the sound of a printer when printing paper. Another sound that came to me while typing this blog. As I sat and typed this blog I continued to hear the printer over and over.

That was part one of the blog. For part two of this blog we were asked to record ourselves counting out-of-order, then place the number in the correct order here is my attempt.

This was a really cool blog and I enjoyed working on it.

The Life We Live

In this blog we were asked to go out into our everyday lives and take pictures of random people. This was a very interesting project for me, it gave me another chance to practice my photo taking skills. While doing this assignment I must have taken over two hundred photos. Although I believe all my shots were great in their own special way, I could only choose five for this assignment. In my photos I experimented with many different  creative devices, by doing so I believe it helped me get five wonderful shots.

My first photo I like to call “A Day In The Water”. I named this photo that, because of how I came across this photo. I walk in to the pool area at Half Acre and all I could notice is this one lady, she was laughing, smiling, and having just overall good time. I began to take photos of her having a great time, before I knew it I had a great shot. The creative device I used to capture this shot was leading lines. This was a difficult shot, it was hard finding the right angle to shoot her at. This is a sports Action photo.

mail[1] Abby Hudson enjoying her day in the pool.

The Next photo we have I call “Hard Work”. In this photo we have a guy bench pressing. You can notice by the expressing on his face he is pushing his limits. This was a photo I could relate to.I have been in his place before, struggling to complete the last rep. The creative device I used was viewpoint. This was a much easier shot then the first photo.This is a sports action photo.

mail[3]Ben Chung fighting to finish his last rep.

Now moving on to a photo I call “Balling”. This photo is of a male dribbling the basketball down the court. This photo was a little difficult to get, it was a lot going on in most of the photos. This one turned out perfect, another sports action photo. The creative devices used in this photo is rule of thirds.

mail[2]Josh Evans dribbing a basketball.

Here we have a photo I call “Not On My Watch”. I notice him as I entered the pool, I was fascinated with this shot. He sat in his chair very attentively. This was an easy shot to get I used the stairs to get me above him. Rule of thirds was used for my creative device. This is a sports feature shot.
mail[1] (2)David Hunt watching over the swimmers.

Lastly we have a photo I call “The Reader”. Here we have a female reading a comic book, I notice her as I walked into Half Acre. This was a difficult shot, it was hard standing over her and still trying to receive a great shot. In this shot I used viewpoint as my creative device. This is my non-sports feature.

mail[2] (2)Tiersyn Taylor sits at her desk and reads peacefully.

By doing this assignment I have learned that being a photo journalist is not as easy as it seem. One thing that really surprised me is that, unlike me everyone does not enjoy having their picture taken. A lot of people became upset that I was taking photos of them. If I could do things differently, I would have gotten a better camera then my iPad. It was very difficult trying to get the best picture with an iPad. I really hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I did writing.